Government & Administrative

Navigate the complex world of aviation law, government relations, and certifications with Skyway. Essential for State Aviation Advocates and Federal Aviation Pioneers, our page offers valuable resources and white papers. Ready to make a difference in aviation policy? Join our collaborative network today.

Emphasizing Compliance with Evolving Standards for a Safer Future in Aviation.

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Shaping the Future of Aerial Governance

At Skyway, we stand at the vanguard of regulatory evolution in aerial transportation. Our commitment extends beyond technology to the very framework that will shape tomorrow's urban skies. Join us in this transformative journey.

Legal and Regulatory Framework

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) plays a crucial role in the future of aviation, with Skyway actively participating in this evolution. Our collaboration with government bodies extends to influencing aviation policy and advocating for the advancement of air mobility.

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Certifications and Standards

Skyway is committed to adhering to the highest industry standards, as evidenced by our rigorous certification processes.

NASA UTM License: We are proud holders of the NASA UTM License (DN-200), emphasizing our dedication to operational safety in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Traffic Management.

Operational Safety: This certification underlines Skyway's commitment to the safety and reliability of eVTOL transport.

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