Vertiport planning & development

Planning for the efficient, safe, and successful integration of eVTOL operations with advanced modeling and simulation for future-proof infrastructure investments.

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Planning for the Future of Air Mobility

Infrastructure planning is the starting point of Urban Air Mobility.Vertiports, which serve as the doorways to new eVTOL and eSTOL air taxi service, provide safe and environmentally friendly services, allowing passengers a new choice of regional transportation.

Providing a safe system, while maintaining a high level of passenger service, will guarantee the industry’s success.

Demonstrating Efficient & Realistic Operations

Effective planning requires realistic computer simulations to demonstrate the future viability of these important operations and to identify and mitigate challenges to the industry’s development.

Simulations were created to model a single vertiport, identifying varied layouts and capacities, leading to appropriate facility requirements (e.g. number of FATOs, parking positions, charging positions) and appropriate operating policies and procedures for safe transportation.

Simulations allow us to look at the future, today.

What Effective Vertiport Planning Looks Like

1. Optimal site selection provides safe, efficient travel services, maximizing intermodal choices, minimizing delay, and maintaining a high level of service.

2. Successful sites, ideally located near regional road and rail transportation hubs, allow quick travel to business districts, remote communities, and special events.

3. Integration with existing airports provides passengers with complete transportation solutions.

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