Looking for vertiport traffic management services?

Air Traffic Management Service Provider (ATMSP)

Skyway is leading in VertiPort operation services with integrated airspace management systems for eVTOL’s. Utilizing our Command Operations Center, our Navigators continuously monitor all flight plans and operations to maximize traffic flow for better profitability and safety.

Designed for today’s VertiPorts and tomorrow’s VertiHubs, our proprietary infrastructure systems coupled with advanced airspace management services give vertiport developers a turnkey solution for rapid scalability.

Airspace Risk Intelligence System

Legacy air traffic management systems were not designed for the automated aircraft of tomorrow. Machine to machine communication will be mission critical when it comes to high volume operations for vertiports.

Skyway has created the most hyper-intelligent risk management system for airspace awareness for vertiport operations. Using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and gaming acceleration hardware, our proprietary interface gives our Navigators critical decision making tools and communication abilities right at their fingertips in real time.

Our Traffic Management Services Include:
  • Airspace Command
  • Flight Planing & Scheduling
  • Approach & Departure Vectors
  • Airspace Separation/Conflict Resolution
  • Integrated Weather Systems
  • FATO/Parking/Gate Assignment
  • Charging/Fuel Availability
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