Vertiport Management Systems

Digital Vertiport Management Systems for eVTOL parking, charging, storage, & maintenance.

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Building the Future of Urban Traffic Management

Skyway’s Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) services use proprietary data-driven analytics and machine learning to give the most reliable dynamic routing service in the industry.

Build your drone delivery business with ease by utilizing API’s and leverage Skyway’s traffic intelligence infrastructure to propel your operations.

Advanced Traffic Services:

- Integrated Low Altitude Weather
- Airspace Separation/Deconfliction
- Dynamic Routing & Rerouting
- Mission Risk Analysis
- Emergency Services
- High Definition Obstacle Avoidance Awareness

Weather Monitoring Services

With integrated low altitude weather monitoring services, Skyway’s dynamic routing service gives you optimum routes with lower risk of mission interference due to bad weather. Get optimized flight time and profitability with airspace deconfliction and weather analysis all built in.

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